[ muhf-ler ]
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  1. a scarf worn around one's neck for warmth.

  2. any of various devices for deadening sound, as the sound of escaping gases of an internal-combustion engine.

  1. anything used for muffling sound.

  2. Armor. a mittenlike glove worn with a mail hauberk.

Origin of muffler

First recorded in 1525–35; muffle1 + -er1

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How to use muffler in a sentence

  • And so I will but take my chopins and my cloak, and put on my muffler, and cross the street to neighbour Ramsay's in an instant.

    The Fortunes of Nigel | Sir Walter Scott
  • I should like to see her when she hath exchanged her mask and riding-beaver for her peaked hat and muffler.

    The Fortunes of Nigel | Sir Walter Scott

British Dictionary definitions for muffler


/ (ˈmʌflə) /

  1. a thick scarf, collar, etc

  2. US and Canadian any device designed to reduce noise, esp the tubular device containing baffle plates in the exhaust system of a motor vehicle: Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): silencer

  1. something that muffles

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