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[mur-ee, muhr-ee]
  1. Sir (George) Gilbert (Ai·mé) [ey-mey] /eɪˈmeɪ/, 1866–1957, English classical scholar.
  2. Sir James Augustus Henry,1837–1915, Scottish lexicographer and philologist.
  3. Lind·ley [lin-lee, lind-] /ˈlɪn li, ˈlɪnd-/, 1745–1826, English grammarian, born in the U.S.
  4. Philip,1886–1952, U.S. labor leader: president of the CIO 1940–52.
  5. a river in SE Australia, flowing W along the border between Victoria and New South Wales, through SE South Australia into the Indian Ocean. 1200 miles (1930 km) long.
  6. a city in N Utah, S of Salt Lake City.
  7. a town in SW Kentucky.
  8. a male given name.
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  1. a river in SE Australia, rising in New South Wales and flowing northwest into SE South Australia, then south into the sea at Encounter Bay: the main river of Australia, important for irrigation and power. Length: 2590 km (1609 miles)
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  1. 1st Earl of. See (1st Earl of) Moray
  2. Sir (George) Gilbert (Aimé). 1866–1957, British classical scholar, born in Australia: noted for his verse translations of Greek dramatists, esp Euripides
  3. Sir James Augustus Henry. 1837–1915, Scottish lexicographer; one of the original editors (1879–1915) of what became the Oxford English Dictionary
  4. Les, full name Leslie Allan Murray. born 1938, Australian poet; his collections include The Weatherboard Cathedral (1969), The Daylight Moon (1987), Subhuman Redneck Poems (1996), and The Biplane Houses (2007)
  5. Murray of Epping Forest, Baron, title of Lionel Murray, known as Len. 1922–2004, British trades union leader; general secretary of the Trades Union Congress (1973–84)
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murray in Medicine


(mûrē)Joseph E. Born 1919
  1. American physician. He shared a 1990 Nobel Prize for developing techniques for bone marrow and kidney transplants.
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