muscular system

  1. The system in the body composed of muscle cells and tissues that brings about movement of an organ or body part. There are three kinds of muscle: skeletal muscle , which is attached to bones and allows the voluntary movement of limbs; smooth muscle , which is found in internal organs and aids in the involuntary movements that occur in the circulatory , digestive , excretory , reproductive , and respiratory systems ; and cardiac muscle , which forms the powerful walls of the heart .)

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Example Sentences

Your muscular system is rather defective; there not being enough to furnish real strength and stamina of constitution.

Under normal conditions of relaxation the entire muscular system exerts a slight degree of contraction.

Like the rest of the muscular system, the muscles of the vocal organs are arranged in opposed pairs and sets.

He can then toss his limbs about without danger, and develope the powers of his muscular system.

In the vertebrates it mainly affects the internal organs, the skeleton, and the muscular system.


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