[ muhs-terd ]
/ ˈmʌs tərd /
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a pungent powder or paste prepared from the seeds of certain mustard plants, used as a food seasoning or condiment, and medicinally in plasters, poultices, etc.
Botany. any of various cruciferous plants of the mustard family, noted for their acrid and pungent qualities and widely cultivated for culinary and agricultural purposes: among the most commercially important mustards are black mustard, brown mustard, and white mustard.



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Idioms for mustard

    cut the mustard, Slang. to reach or surpass the desired standard of performance: a pitcher who cuts the mustard with his fastball.

Origin of mustard

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English mostard(e), mustart, from Old French mostarde, moustarde, a relish originally made of mustard seed and must, equivalent to moust + -arde; see origin at must2, -ard
muster, mustard
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British Dictionary definitions for mustard

/ (ˈmʌstəd) /


any of several Eurasian plants of the genus Brassica, esp black mustard and white mustard, having yellow or white flowers and slender pods and cultivated for their pungent seeds: family Brassicaceae (crucifers)See also charlock
a paste made from the powdered seeds of any of these plants and used as a condiment
  1. a brownish-yellow colour
  2. (as adjective)a mustard carpet
slang, mainly US zest or enthusiasm
cut the mustard slang to come up to expectations
C13: from Old French moustarde, from Latin mustum must ², since the original condiment was made by adding must
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Idioms and Phrases with mustard


see cut the mustard.

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