[ neyl ]
/ neɪl /
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verb (used with object)
Verb Phrases
nail down, to make final; settle once and for all: Signing the contract will nail down our agreement.
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Idioms about nail

Origin of nail

First recorded before 900; Middle English (noun) nail, nayl, Old English nægl, cognate with Old Frisian neil, Old Saxon, Old High German nagal, Dutch nagel, German Nagel, Old Norse nagl “fingernail,” all from unattested Germanic naglaz; akin as derivative to Lithuanian nãgas, nagà “hoof,” Old Prussian nage “foot,” Old Church Slavonic noga “leg, foot” (Serbo-Croatian nòga, Czech noha, Polish noga, Russian nogá; probably originally a jocular reference to the foot as a hoof), Old Church Slavonic nogŭtĭ, Tocharian A maku, Tocharian B mekwa “fingernail, claw,” all from unattested North European Indo-European ənogwh-; further akin to Old Irish ingen, Welsh ewin, Breton ivin, from unattested Celtic ṇgwhīnā,Latin unguis, from unattested Italo-Celtic əngwhi-;Greek ónyx, stem onych-, Sanskrit áṅghri- “foot” from unattested áṅghli-; Armenian ełungn, from unattested onogwh-;Middle English (verb) nail(e), nayle, Old English næglian, cognate with Old Saxon neglian, Old High German negilen, Old Norse negla, from unattested Germanic nagl-janan; compare Gothic ganagljan


nailless, adjectivenaillike, adjectivere·nail, verb (used with object)
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British Dictionary definitions for nail

/ (neɪl) /

verb (tr)
See also nail down, nail up

Derived forms of nail

nailer, nounnail-less, adjective

Word Origin for nail

Old English nǣgl; related to Old High German nagal nail, Latin unguis fingernail, claw, Greek onux
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Medical definitions for nail

[ nāl ]

A fingernail or toenail.
A slender rod used in operations to fasten together the divided extremities of a broken bone.
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