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[ neym-lis ]


  1. having no name.
  2. left unnamed:

    a certain person who shall be nameless.

  3. anonymous:

    a nameless source of information.

  4. incapable of being specified or described:

    a nameless charm.

  5. too shocking or vile to be specified:

    a nameless crime.

  6. having no legitimate paternal name, as a child born out of wedlock.
  7. unknown to fame; obscure:

    a nameless poet; nameless defenders of the country.


/ ˈneɪmlɪs /


  1. without a name; anonymous
  2. incapable of being named; indescribable

    a nameless horror seized him

  3. too unpleasant or disturbing to be mentioned

    nameless atrocities

  4. having no legal name; illegitimate

    a nameless child

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Derived Forms

  • ˈnamelessness, noun
  • ˈnamelessly, adverb

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Other Words From

  • nameless·ly adverb
  • nameless·ness noun
  • quasi-nameless adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of nameless1

Middle English word dating back to 1275–1325; name, -less

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Example Sentences

Indisputably, the system is still working better for Rittenhouse than it does for the nameless poor kids who face it without $2 million bail funds and pricey attorneys.

In the endless and messy global war over Internet security, even the most vigilant companies have seen their defenses fall at the hands of nameless and faceless foes.

It was during her sophomore year that Cooper met a Red Sox player she would prefer remain nameless.

From Time

It wasn’t until I got to the post-credits scene—the one where the whole team is sitting around, silently eating, in some nameless, unaffiliated NYC shawarma joint—that my phone started to vibrate.

Distraught, our nameless, shapeless, unknowable protagonist enlists in the army.

From Time

“Too often the injustices neglect nameless faces and stories,” Dandolo writes in an email.

We laughed hard, harder even than those nameless, faceless laughers in whatever mysterious locale Bill Cosby was performing.

A nameless, faceless entity known to his followers as Spot News, the handle of his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Brat is going to make Brown look like a nameless session guitar player.

Though Rodin may well have known his models, they remain nameless representations of “a” body.

Her eyes, for a moment, fixed themselves with a horrid conviction of a wide and nameless treachery.

If he has higher views for his son than a marriage with a nameless girl like me, his son should be the last to find fault.

A moment later there was Something nearly at his left elbow, and he smelt again the nameless, fœtid reek.

The loping pursuit of that nameless, shapeless Something sounded like an echo in his head.

An M.P., who shall be nameless, supplies me with an apt illustration of East Anglian dialect.


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More About Nameless

What does nameless mean?

Nameless means having no name, as in Emily Dickensen’s poems are all nameless, so we refer to them by their first lines instead.

Nameless also means anonymous, as in Journalists sometimes use nameless sources of information in order to get the details they need for their stories.

You might use nameless to describe something incapable of being described, such as a nameless charm.

Example: A nameless writer created one of the world’s most well-known proverbs.

Where does nameless come from?

The first records of the term nameless come from the late 1200s. It comes from Middle English and combines the term name, meaning “word that something is called by,” and the suffix less, meaning “without.”

Nameless describe something as literally not having a name or can be used in specific cases when a name is not given, as in The worker who will remain nameless said that the manager walked out on Sunday. It can also be used when something is revered as so good or so awful that words cannot describe it, as in The nameless appeal of superhero movies has taken the world by storm.

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What are some other forms related to nameless?

  • namelessly (adverb)
  • namelessness (noun)
  • quasi-nameless (adjective)

What are some synonyms for nameless?

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How is nameless used in real life?

Nameless is used to describe something or someone that doesn’t have a name.



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To avoid promoting the crime he did, the traitor will remain nameless in news reports.