[ ney-vuh l ]
/ ˈneɪ vəl /


of or relating to warships: a naval battle; naval strength.
of or relating to ships of all kinds: naval architecture; naval engineer.
belonging to, pertaining to, or connected with a navy: naval affairs.
possessing a navy: the great naval powers.

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Origin of naval

1585–95; < Latin nāvālis, equivalent to nāv(is) ship + -ālis -al1

Related formsna·val·ly, adverbnon·na·val, adjectivepre·na·val, adjectivepro·na·val, adjective

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/ (ˈneɪvəl) /


of, relating to, characteristic of, or having a navy
of or relating to ships; nautical

Word Origin for naval

C16: from Latin nāvālis, from nāvis ship; related to Greek naus, Old Norse nōr ship, Sanskrit nau

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Word Origin and History for naval



early 15c., from Old French naval (14c.) and directly from Latin navalis "pertaining to a ship or ships," from navis "ship," from PIE *nau- "boat" (cf. Sanskrit nauh, accusative navam "ship, boat;" Armenian nav "ship;" Greek naus "ship," nautes "sailor;" Old Irish nau "ship;" Welsh noe "a flat vessel;" Old Norse nor "ship"). An Old English word for "naval" was scipherelic.

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