[ ney-vuhl ]
/ ˈneɪ vəl /
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the central point or middle of any thing or place.
Heraldry. nombril.



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Origin of navel

before 900; Middle English; Old English nafela; cognate with Dutch navel,German Nabel,Old Norse nafli; akin to Sanskrit nābhīla,Latin umbilīcus,Greek omphalós
naval, navel
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British Dictionary definitions for navel

/ (ˈneɪvəl) /


the scar in the centre of the abdomen, usually forming a slight depression, where the umbilical cord was attachedTechnical name: umbilicus Related adjective: umbilical
a central part, location, or point; middle
short for navel orange
Old English nafela; related to Old Frisian navla, Old High German nabulo (German Nabel), Latin umbilīcus
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Medical definitions for navel

[ nāvəl ]


The mark on the surface of the abdomen that indicates where the umbilical cord was attached to the fetus during gestation.bellybutton umbilicus
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