[ uhm-bil-i-kuhs, uhm-buh-lahy-kuhs ]

noun,plural um·bil·i·ci [uhm-bil-uh-sahy, uhm-buh-lahy-sahy]. /ʌmˈbɪl əˌsaɪ, ˌʌm bəˈlaɪ saɪ/.
  1. Anatomy. the depression in the center of the surface of the abdomen indicating the point of attachment of the umbilical cord to the embryo; navel.

  2. Botany, Zoology. a navellike formation, as the hilum of a seed.

Origin of umbilicus

1605–15; <Latin umbilīcus navel, middle, center; see navel

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/ (ʌmˈbɪlɪkəs, ˌʌmbɪˈlaɪkəs) /

nounplural -bilici (-ˈbɪlɪˌsaɪ, -bɪˈlaɪsaɪ)
  1. biology a hollow or navel-like structure, such as the cavity at the base of a gastropod shell

  2. anatomy a technical name for the navel

Origin of umbilicus

C18: from Latin: navel, centre; compare Latin umbō shield boss, Greek omphalos navel

Derived forms of umbilicus

  • umbiliform (ʌmˈbɪlɪˌfɔːm), adjective

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