/ ˈneɪbə /


  1. a person who lives near or next to another
    1. a person or thing near or next to another
    2. ( as modifier )

      neighbour states


  1. whenintr, often foll by on to be or live close (to a person or thing)

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Derived Forms

  • ˈneighbouring, adjective
  • ˈneighbourless, adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of neighbour1

Old English nēahbūr, from nēah nigh + būr, gebūr dweller; see boor

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Example Sentences

The fashionable lady, my neighbour, rose also, with graceful reserve.

And she was a regular visitor and supporter of her neighbour in the Oxfordshire countryside, David Cameron.

Her sister – and neighbour – Lolita Miraflorez, also lost her husband, as did dozens of other women.

I wasn't paying any attention to him, therefore, when suddenly my left-hand neighbour touched my arm.

Turn not away thy face from thy neighbour, and of taking away a portion and not restoring.

Cast the beam from thine eye before noticing the mote in that of thy neighbour.

Every one shall be amazed at his neighbour, their countenances shall be as faces burnt.

They not only do their studying aloud, but they talk very loud, as if each one were trying to make more noise than his neighbour.