[ noor-oh-fahr-muh-kol-uh-jee, nyoor- ]

  1. the branch of pharmacology concerned with the effects of drugs on the nervous system.

Origin of neuropharmacology

First recorded in 1945–50; neuro- + pharmacology

Other words from neuropharmacology

  • neu·ro·phar·ma·co·log·ic [noor-oh-fahr-muh-kuh-loj-ik, nyoor-], /ˌnʊər oʊˌfɑr mə kəˈlɒdʒ ɪk, ˌnyʊər-/, neu·ro·phar·ma·co·log·i·cal, adjective
  • neu·ro·phar·ma·co·log·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • neu·ro·phar·ma·col·o·gist, noun

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