[ noo-rop-ter-uhn, nyoo- ]

  1. Also neu·rop·ter·on. a neuropterous insect.

Origin of neuropteran

1835–45; <New Latin Neuropter(a), neuter plural of neuropterus (see neuropterous) + -an

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British Dictionary definitions for neuropteran



/ (njʊˈrɒptərən) /

nounplural -terans, -terons or -tera (-tərə)
  1. any neuropterous insect

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Scientific definitions for neuropteran


[ nu-rŏptər-ən ]

  1. Any of various carnivorous insects of the order Neuroptera, having four net-veined wings and mouthparts adapted for chewing. Neuropterans include the lacewings and antlions. Formerly, the dobsonflies and alderflies, now classified as a separate order Megaloptera, and the snakeflies, now classified as the order Raphidiodea, were considered neuropterans.

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