[ nekst ]
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  1. immediately following in time, order, importance, etc.: the next day;the next person in line.

  2. nearest or adjacent in place or position: the next room.

  1. nearest in relationship or kinship.

  1. in the place, time, importance, etc., nearest or immediately following: We're going to London next.This is my next oldest daughter.

  2. on the first occasion to follow: when next we meet.

  1. adjacent to; nearest: It's in the closet next the blackboard.

Idioms about next

  1. get next to (someone), Informal. to get into the favor or good graces of; become a good friend of.

  2. next door to,

    • in an adjacent house, apartment, office, etc.; neighboring.

    • in a position of proximity; near to: They are next door to poverty.

  1. next to,

    • adjacent to: He sat next to his sister.

    • almost; nearly: next to impossible.

    • aside from: Next to cake, ice cream is my favorite dessert.

Origin of next

First recorded before 900; Middle English next(e), Old English nēxt, nēhst, niehst “nighest,” superlative of nēah nigh (see -est1); cognate with Icelandic nǣstr, German nächst; cf. near

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How to use next in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for next


/ (nɛkst) /

  1. immediately following: the next patient to be examined; do it next week

  2. immediately adjoining: the next room

  1. closest to in degree: the tallest boy next to James; the next-best thing

  2. the next but one the one after the next

  1. at a time or on an occasion immediately to follow: the patient to be examined next; next, he started to unscrew the telephone receiver

  2. next to

    • adjacent to; at or on one side of: the house next to ours

    • following in degree: next to your mother, who do you love most?

    • almost: next to impossible

  1. archaic next to

Origin of next

Old English nēhst, superlative of nēah nigh; compare near, neighbour

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  • next to

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