[ nahyt ]


  1. an informal, simplified spelling of night.

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Example Sentences

Think Mardi Gras for geeks with flashing neon sunglasses and nite-glow cocktails.

Paint Nite is just one of the many of the “add-alcohol” activities taking the nation by storm.

“The instructions are straightforward,” said Daniel Hermann, head of strategy and founder of Paint Nite.

The artist and Paint Nite split a portion of the earnings from the night.

Kimmel is also a Letterman guy—the license plate of his first car read “L8 NITE.”

Hain't I kep' in doors uv a nite, an quit chawn tobacker and smokin' segars just to please her?

O de brave, de galliard devise: me sal come by de nite and contrefaire de Anglois gentlehommes—dites-nous ainsi, Monsieur Pisaro?

Consekens was, I presunted myself at Betty's bedside late at nite, with considerbul licker koncealed about my persun.

The gh in might, night are still pronounced by the Scotch; but the English say mite, nite.

Owls have got to have big eyes cos tha has to be out a good deal at nite a doin bisnis with rats and mice, wich keeps late ours.