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/ naɪt /
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Idioms about night

    night and day,
    1. unceasingly; continually: She worked night and day until the job was done.
    2. a complete difference; completely different: The improvement in her grades after tutoring was like night and day.
    Also day and night .

Origin of night

before 900; Middle English; Old English niht, neaht, cognate with German Nacht,Gothic nahts,Latin nox (stem noct-), Greek nýx (stem nykt-)


nightless, adjectivenight·less·ly, adverbnightlike, adjective


knight, night
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What is a basic definition of night?

Night refers to the time of day between sunset and sunrise. The word night can also refer to the darkness that accompanies this period or an evening reserved for a certain event. Night can also be used as an adjective to describe something that happens at night. Night has a few other senses as a noun and an adjective.

Generally speaking, night doesn’t begin or end at any specific times. We usually consider it to be night when the sun has set completely and all sunlight is gone. Night ends when the sun rises and illuminates the sky again.

  • Real-life examples: In the northern hemisphere, nights are longer during the winter and shorter during the summer. Most people go to sleep at night.
  • Used in a sentence: The kids aren’t allowed outside at night because it’s too dark to see well.

Night also refers to the darkness that falls after the sun sets.

  • Used in a sentence: To gaze at the stars, you need to let your eyes adjust to the night.

Night can also refer to an evening where some specific event happens or has significance.

  • Real-life examples: Children go trick-or-treating on Halloween Night. A TV show might be aired every Friday night. A couple may decide to schedule a date night.
  • Used in a sentence: My mom makes us go to bed early on school nights.

Night is also used to describe something that is related to night or happens during the night.

  • Real-life examples: Crimes often happen during the night hours. Some people work night jobs or have night shifts at work. You can see the stars in the night sky. A person who works late might have to take the night bus home.
  • Used in a sentence: I have been taking night classes because my job keeps me busy during the day.

Where does night come from?

The first records of night come from before the 900s. It comes from the Old English niht and is related to other words for night, such as the Latin nox and the Greek nýx.

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What are some other forms related to night?

  • nightless (adjective)
  • nightlessly (adverb)
  • nightlike (adjective)

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How is night used in real life?

Night is a very common word that refers to the time after the sun has set.

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If the sun is in the sky, the night hasn’t started yet.

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British Dictionary definitions for night

/ (naɪt) /


Other words from night

Related adjective: nocturnal

Derived forms of night

nightless, adjectivenightlike, adjective

Word Origin for night

Old English niht; compare Dutch nacht, Latin nox, Greek nux
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