[ nahyt ]
/ naɪt /



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    night and day,
    1. unceasingly; continually: She worked night and day until the job was done.
    2. a complete difference; completely different: The improvement in her grades after tutoring was like night and day.
    Also day and night.

Origin of night

before 900; Middle English; Old English niht, neaht, cognate with German Nacht, Gothic nahts, Latin nox (stem noct-), Greek nýx (stem nykt-)

Related formsnight·less, adjectivenight·less·ly, adverbnight·like, adjective

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/ (naɪt) /


Related formsRelated adjective: nocturnal

Derived Formsnightless, adjectivenightlike, adjective

Word Origin for night

Old English niht; compare Dutch nacht, Latin nox, Greek nux

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