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[ non-shuh-lahnt-lee ]


  1. in an unconcerned, indifferent, or unexcited manner; casually:

    The bear was nonchalantly ambling along in the grass, heading straight towards me.

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Example Sentences

He nonchalantly drinks from it, then turns to the camera to lip-sync the rest of the song.

The seemingly sweet Tiller gets wrapped up in Val’s troubles, nonchalantly slashing the tire of a sinister man looking for her.

“I found a fossil,” my husband nonchalantly declared after watering the plants a couple years ago.

Xabi Alonso scored from the spot, and one sensed that the Iberians, now in cruise-control, would win the game nonchalantly.

As the years passed, I envied women who nonchalantly mentioned their periods as nothing more than a minor irritation.

Then, handing me back my iPad, he said nonchalantly in a really good mock-English accent, “Sorry, chap, my dance card is full.”

He landed on a Daily Double, bid $18,000, got it right, and nonchalantly scrawled a final Jeopardy!

She nonchalantly drops trow, and three or so of us stare at the pattern of her pubic hair.

Goodell lighted another cigarette and nonchalantly seated himself in the vacant chair.

Sir Lucien threw himself nonchalantly upon the divan, and took out his cigarette-case.

By the time he returned she was calm, nonchalantly fanning herself with a languid, indolent grace.

Nonchalantly the mighty figure stepped from the sheltering shadows and leisurely crossed the street.

"Oh, 'bout a mile off the right-hand side," answered the lower watch nonchalantly.


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