[ nawrm-kawr ]
/ ˈnɔrmˌkɔr /
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  1. a fashion style or way of dressing characterized by ordinary, plain clothing with no designer names, often a reaction against trendy fashion.
  2. clothes that conform to this style: I wear normcore on weekends—usually a t-shirt and jeans.
  1. a subculture that embraces things that are simple, ordinary, or mainstream, or that do not stand out as being trendy: Normcore moves away from being cool and opts for a lack of individuality.
  2. things that conform to this value system.
noting or relating to a fashion style characterized by ordinary, plain clothing: She’s definitely a normcore dresser.
noting or relating to things that are simple, ordinary, or mainstream: normcore food like my mom’s meatloaf;the best normcore neighborhoods to buy an average home.
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Origin of normcore

First recorded in 2005–10; from norm “a standard; average level,” or norm(al) “conforming to a standard” + core1 “essential part,” or -core “rebellious, antimainstream”
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