[ nawr-teyn-yoh; Spanish nawr-te-nyoh ]
/ nɔrˈteɪn yoʊ; Spanish nɔrˈtɛ nyoʊ /


of or relating to northern Mexico, the border area of Mexico and the United States, the people of this region, or their dialect of Spanish.


Also called Tex-Mex, nor·te·ña mus·ic [nawr-teyn-yuh-myoo-zik], /nɔrˈteɪn yə ˈmyu zɪk/, nor·te·ña [Spanish nawr-te-nyah] /Spanish nɔrˈtɛ nyɑ/ . a lively, polkalike folk music chiefly of southern Texas and northern Mexico, usually with Spanish lyrics and played on accordion and 12-string guitar, sometimes with fiddle and saxophone.

Origin of norteño

From Spanish (Mexico, Texas): literally, “northern(er),” equivalent to nort(e) “north” + -eño suffix of appurtenance; see north, Madrileño Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020