[ nohz-dahyv ]
/ 藞no蕣z藢da瑟v /
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noun Also nose dive .
a plunge of an aircraft with the forward part pointing downward.
a sudden sharp drop or rapid decline: a time when market values were in a nosedive.
verb (used without object), nose路dived or nose路dove, nose路dived, nose路div路ing.Also nose-dive .
to go into a nosedive: a warning that prices might nosedive.
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Origin of nosedive

First recorded in 1910鈥15; nose + dive
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How to use nosedive in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for nosedive

nose dive

a sudden plunge with the nose or front pointing downwards, esp of an aircraft
informal a sudden drop or sharp declineprices took a nose dive
verb nose-dive
to perform or cause to perform a nose dive
(intr) informal to drop suddenly
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