[ not-with-stan-ding, -with- ]
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  1. in spite of; without being opposed or prevented by: Notwithstanding a brilliant defense, he was found guilty. She went to the game anyway, doctor's orders notwithstanding.

  1. in spite of the fact that; although: It was the same material, notwithstanding the texture seemed different.

  1. nevertheless; anyway; yet: We were invited notwithstanding.

Origin of notwithstanding

1350–1400; Middle English (preposition, adverb, and conjunction); see not, withstand, -ing2

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1. Notwithstanding, despite, in spite of imply that something is true even though there are obstacles or opposing conditions. The three expressions may be used practically interchangeably. Notwithstanding suggests, however, a hindrance of some kind: Notwithstanding the long delay, I shall still go. Despite indicates that there is an active opposition: Despite procrastination and disorganization, they finished the project. In spite of implies meeting strong opposing forces or circumstances that must be taken into account: She succeeded in spite of many discouragements.

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/ (ˌnɒtwɪθˈstændɪŋ, -wɪð-) /

  1. (often immediately postpositive) in spite of; despite

  1. despite the fact that; although

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  1. in spite of that; nevertheless

Origin of notwithstanding

C14: not + withstanding, from Old English withstandan, on the model of Medieval Latin non obstante, Old French non obstant

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