[not-with-stan-ding, -with-]


in spite of; without being opposed or prevented by: Notwithstanding a brilliant defense, he was found guilty. She went to the game anyway, doctor's orders notwithstanding.


in spite of the fact that; although: It was the same material, notwithstanding the texture seemed different.


nevertheless; anyway; yet: We were invited notwithstanding.

Origin of notwithstanding

1350–1400; Middle English (preposition, adv., and conjunction); see not, withstand, -ing2

Synonyms for notwithstanding

1. Notwithstanding, despite, in spite of imply that something is true even though there are obstacles or opposing conditions. The three expressions may be used practically interchangeably. Notwithstanding suggests, however, a hindrance of some kind: Notwithstanding the long delay, I shall still go. Despite indicates that there is an active opposition: Despite procrastination and disorganization, they finished the project. In spite of implies meeting strong opposing forces or circumstances that must be taken into account: She succeeded in spite of many discouragements.

Antonyms for notwithstanding

1. because of, on account of. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Related Words for notwithstanding

nevertheless, yet, nonetheless, withal, against, but, despite, though, howbeit

Examples from the Web for notwithstanding

Contemporary Examples of notwithstanding

Historical Examples of notwithstanding

  • But, notwithstanding this, she was a good mother, and Robert loved her.

    Brave and Bold

    Horatio Alger

  • That at least is his, notwithstanding the millions he might have possessed if he had only known how to acquire them.

  • It seemed, notwithstanding, that this must be the only course.

    Within the Law

    Marvin Dana

  • Garson, however, was unconvinced, notwithstanding his deference to the judgment of his leader.

    Within the Law

    Marvin Dana

  • That he should marry her notwithstanding our opposition, and without the consent of his father?

    The Dream

    Emile Zola

British Dictionary definitions for notwithstanding



(often immediately postpositive) in spite of; despite

conjunction (subordinating)

despite the fact that; although

sentence connector

in spite of that; nevertheless

Word Origin for notwithstanding

C14: not + withstanding, from Old English withstandan, on the model of Medieval Latin non obstante, Old French non obstant
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Word Origin and History for notwithstanding

late 14c., notwiþstondynge, from not + present participle of the verb withstand. A loan-translation of Medieval Latin non obstante "being no hindrance," from ablative of obstans, present participle of obstare "stand opposite to" (see obstacle). As an adverb and as a conjunction from early 15c.

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