[ noh-hwairz, -wairz ]
/ ˈnoʊ ʰwɛərz, -wɛərz /

adverb Nonstandard.

Origin of nowheres

see origin at nowhere, -s1

Definition for nowheres (2 of 2)

[ noh-hwair, -wair ]
/ ˈnoʊˌʰwɛər, -ˌwɛər /


in or at no place; not anywhere: The missing pen was nowhere to be found.
to no place: We went nowhere last weekend.


adjective Informal.

being or leading nowhere; pointless; futile: to be stuck in a nowhere job.
worthless or useless: That's a nowhere idea if I ever heard one.

Origin of nowhere

before 1000; Middle English (adv.); Old English nāhwǣr, nōhwǣr. See no1, where

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British Dictionary definitions for nowheres

/ (ˈnəʊˌwɛə) /


in, at, or to no place; not anywhere
get nowhere or get nowhere fast informal to fail completely to make any progress
nowhere near far from; not nearly


a nonexistent or insignificant place
middle of nowhere a completely isolated, featureless, or insignificant place
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