[ noo-muh-rey-ter, nyoo- ]
/ ˈnu məˌreɪ tər, ˈnyu- /


Arithmetic. the term of a fraction, usually above the line, that indicates the number of equal parts that are to be added together; the dividend placed over a divisor: The numerator of the fraction 2/3 is 2.Compare denominator(def 1).
a person or thing that numbers.

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Origin of numerator

1535–45; < Late Latin numerātor a counter, numberer, equivalent to Latin numerā(re) to number + -tor -tor Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for numerator


/ (ˈnjuːməˌreɪtə) /


maths the dividend of a fractionthe numerator of 7/8 is 7 Compare denominator
a person or thing that numbers; enumerator
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Word Origin and History for numerator



1540s, from Late Latin numerator "counter, numberer," agent noun from numerat-, past participle stem of numerare "to count, number," from numerus "a number" (see number (n.)).

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Science definitions for numerator


[ nōōmə-rā′tər ]

A number written above or to the left of the line in a common fraction to indicate the number of parts of the whole. For example, 2 is the numerator in the fraction 27.
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Culture definitions for numerator


In mathematics, the number that appears on the top of a fraction. In the fraction 2/3, the numerator is 2. (Compare denominator.)

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