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or o·o, o’·o

noun, plural o-os.
  1. any of several species of Hawaiian honey eaters of the genus Moho, especially the extinct M. nobilis, of the island of Hawaii, that had black plumage and two tufts of yellow plumes used to make ceremonial robes for the Hawaiian kings.
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Origin of o-o

First recorded in 1885–90, o-o is from the Hawaiian word ʿōʿō

O and O

or O&O

[oh uh nd oh]
  1. owned and operated.
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Examples from the Web for o-o

Historical Examples

  • When the mamo became rare the natives began to substitute the light yellow feathers growing under the wings of the o-o.

    The Spell of the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines

    Isabel Anderson

  • Either he can O-O now; if not, then it is proof positive that his defence is bad.

    The Blue Book of Chess

    Howard Staunton and "Modern Authorities"