[ oh-id-ee-uh m ]
/ oʊˈɪd i əm /

noun, plural o·id·i·a [oh-id-ee-uh] /oʊˈɪd i ə/. Mycology.

one of the conidia that are borne in chains by certain fungi.
(in certain fungi) a thin-walled spore derived from the fragmentation of a hypha into its component cells.

Origin of oidium

1855–60; < New Latin < Greek ōi(ón) egg1 (cognate with Latin ovum; see oo-) + -idium -idium


o·id·i·oid, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for oidium

/ (əʊˈɪdɪəm) /

noun plural -ia (-ɪə)

botany any of various fungal spores produced in the form of a chain by the development of septa in a hypha

Word Origin for oidium

New Latin: from oo- + -idium diminutive suffix
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