[ uh b-ses-iv-kuh m-puhl-siv ]
/ əbˈsɛs ɪv kəmˈpʌl sɪv /


of or relating to a personality style characterized by perfectionism, indecision, conscientiousness, concern with detail, rigidity, and inhibition.
Psychiatry. of or relating to a neurosis characterized by persistent intrusion of unwanted thoughts (obsessions) or the performance of actions, as repeated hand-washing, that one is unable to stop (compulsions).


a person having such a personality style.

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Origin of obsessive-compulsive

First recorded in 1925–30

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Medicine definitions for obsessive-compulsive



Having a tendency to dwell on unwanted thoughts or perform certain repetitious rituals, especially as a defense against anxiety from unconscious conflicts.


A person who exhibits obsessive-compulsive behavior.

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