Occupied Territories

  1. The Palestinian name for the parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip occupied by Israel .

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Example Sentences

The occupied territories and the movement of settlements—moving people today off of their property and claiming it—is illegal.

The Republican accurately described the West Bank as “occupied territories” and then immediately took it back.

Over the past decade, we have collected testimonies from over 950 soldiers who served in the Occupied Territories.

The issue, then, is not the status of the occupied territories, but the physical reality, the notorious facts on the ground.

Together, this group has published testimonies of their service in the occupied territories.

They spoke closely related dialects of the same language and occupied territories contiguous to one another.

Our great responsibility towards the defenseless population in the occupied territories must therefore give us special concern.

The population of occupied territories cannot be compelled to swear allegiance to the enemy's power.

As a general rule, the Rumanian courts will resume jurisdiction in the occupied territories to their full extent.

They treated the population of the occupied territories with harshness.