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[os-uh-ley-tid, oh-sel-ey-tid]
  1. (of a spot or marking) eyelike.
  2. having ocelli, or eyelike spots.
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Also oc·el·late [os-uh-leyt, oh-sel-it, -eyt] /ˈɒs əˌleɪt, oʊˈsɛl ɪt, -eɪt/.

Origin of ocellated

1705–15; < New Latin ocellāt(us) (ocell(us) ocellus + -ātus -ate1) + -ed2
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Examples from the Web for ocellated

Historical Examples of ocellated

  • The cardinal bird and the ocellated turkey must not be forgotten.

    Ranching, Sport and Travel

    Thomas Carson

  • Their orange flanks and ocellated sides were sufficiently characteristic.

  • Ocellated as the bird is all over its body, wings, and tail, the general-effect is such as rather to conceal it.

  • Other figures of ocellated turkeys show but little in addition to the points just discussed.

    Animal Figures in the Maya Codices

    Alfred M. Tozzer and Glover M. Allen

  • No distinct tufts of scales or knobs appear, and the ocellated region is traversed by four or five dark longitudinal lines.