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  1. pertaining to the number 8.
  2. consisting of eight.
  3. proceeding by eight.
  4. octal(def 1).
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noun, plural oc·to·nar·ies.
  1. a group of eight; an ogdoad.
  2. Also octal. Prosody. a stanza of eight lines.
  3. a number in an octonary system.
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Origin of octonary

1525–35; < Latin octōnārius consisting of eight, equivalent to octōn(ī) eight each + -ārius -ary
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Historical Examples

  • It is said that the ancient Saxons used the octonary system,220 but how, or for what purposes, is not stated.

    The Number Concept

    Levi Leonard Conant

British Dictionary definitions for octonary


  1. relating to or based on the number eight
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noun plural -naries
  1. prosody a stanza of eight lines
  2. a group of eight
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Word Origin

C16: from Latin octōnārius, from octōnī eight at a time
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