[ ok-troi; French awk-trwa ]
/ ˈɒk trɔɪ; French ɔkˈtrwa /

noun, plural oc·trois [ok-troiz; French awk-trwa] /ˈɒk trɔɪz; French ɔkˈtrwa/.

(formerly especially in France and Italy) a local tax levied on certain articles, such as foodstuffs, on their entry into a city.
the place at which such a tax is collected.
the officials collecting it.
the act of a sovereign in granting to subjects a constitution or other charter.

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Origin of octroi

1605–15; < French, noun derivative of octroyer to grant, partial Latinization of Old French otreier < Medieval Latin auctorizāre; see authorize

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/ (ˈɒktrwɑː) /


(in some European countries, esp France) a duty on various goods brought into certain towns or cities
the place where such a duty is collected
the officers responsible for its collection

Word Origin for octroi

C17: from French octroyer to concede, from Medieval Latin auctorizāre to authorize

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