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[awf-spring, of-]
noun, plural off·spring, off·springs.
  1. children or young of a particular parent or progenitor.
  2. a child or animal in relation to its parent or parents.
  3. a descendant.
  4. descendants collectively.
  5. the product, result, or effect of something: the offspring of an inventive mind.
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Origin of offspring

before 950; Middle English; Old English ofspring; see off, of1, spring (in the sense “to descend from”)
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Related Words for offsprings

brood, generation, progeny, heir, cub, baby, descendant, kid, pup, spawn, lineage, scion, family, bambino, young, produce, posterity, heredity, seed, succession

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Historical Examples of offsprings

  • All such schemes are offsprings of an ambitious imagination.

    Diary from March 4, 1861, to November 12, 1862

    Adam Gurowski

  • Uranos as well as Kronos and Pontos were offsprings of the Earth.

    A Manual of the Historical Development of Art

    G. G. (Gustavus George) Zerffi

  • Hitherto the Sydney Vanes had been unfortunate in their offsprings.

    A Life Sentence

    Adeline Sergeant

  • When we cease to hope, memory may cease to recall what were once the offsprings of hope.

    Mark Hurdlestone

    Susanna Moodie

  • Imagine a scientific cattle-breeder possessing a perfect bull, contented that one of its offsprings should take a single prize!

British Dictionary definitions for offsprings


  1. the immediate descendant or descendants of a person, animal, etc; progeny
  2. a product, outcome, or result
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Word Origin and History for offsprings



Old English ofspring "children or young collectively, descendants," literally "those who spring off (someone,)" from off + springan "to spring" (see spring (v.)). The figurative sense is first recorded c.1600.

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offsprings in Medicine


  1. The progeny or descendants of a person, animal, or plant considered as a group.
  2. A child of particular parentage.
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