[ oh-jee, oh-jee ]
/ oʊˈdʒi, ˈoʊ dʒi /


a double curve, resembling the letter S, formed by the union of a concave and a convex line.
Also called gula. Architecture. a molding with such a curve for a profile; cyma. Abbreviation: O.G., o.g.

Origin of ogee

1275–1325; Middle English ogeus, oggez (plural), variant (by assimilation of f) of oggifs, presumed singular oggif diagonal rib of a vault < Anglo-French, Old French ogive ogive
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British Dictionary definitions for ogee

/ (ˈəʊdʒiː) /

noun architect

Also called: talon a moulding having a cross section in the form of a letter S
short for ogee arch

Word Origin for ogee

C15: probably variant of ogive
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