[ oh-lee-oh ]
/ ˈoʊ liˌoʊ /

noun, plural o·li·os.

a dish of many ingredients.
a mixture of heterogeneous elements; hodgepodge.
a medley or potpourri, as of musical or literary selections; miscellany.
  1. a specialty act performed downstage while the upstage set is changed.
  2. a performance, as a musical number, presented between scenes or acts.
  3. drop scene(def 1).
  4. a program of variety acts, especially the second half of a minstrel show.

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Origin of olio

1635–45; < Spanish olla pot, stew < Latin olla, ōla pot, jar

Can be confusedoleo olio

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/ (ˈəʊlɪˌəʊ) /

noun plural olios

a dish of many different ingredients
a miscellany or potpourri

Word Origin for olio

C17: from Spanish olla stew, from Latin: jar

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Word Origin and History for olio



medley dish of Iberian origin, 1640s, from Spanish olla, Portuguese olha, both from Vulgar Latin olla "pot, jar." Sense transferred to "any mixture or medley."

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