olive-backed thrush

[ ol-iv-bakt ]

Origin of olive-backed thrush

An Americanism dating back to 1835–45

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How to use olive-backed thrush in a sentence

  • One fall I picked up a dead olive-backed thrush in the Zoological Park.

    The Log of the Sun | William Beebe
  • I have had persons say they saw and heard them in this section, when it was either the hermit or olive-backed thrush.

  • Last May I glanced up from my book and espied an olive-backed thrush in the back yard, foraging among the currant-bushes.

    The Foot-path Way | Bradford Torrey
  • One day as I sat here I heard the song of the olive-backed thrush down in the currant-bushes below me.

    Under the Maples | John Burroughs
  • The olive-backed thrush has a hurried unrestful song, a combination of the notes of the wood thrush and the veery.

    Everyday Adventures | Samuel Scoville