[ op-oh ]


, Informal.
  1. Also op·po re·search. opposition research ( def ):

    She claims she never ordered oppo on the candidates.

  2. an opponent or opponents; the opposition:

    It's essential to get to know your oppo.

  3. I don’t know why she told you that when I really said just the oppo.

    In this context, "sad" is the oppo of "fortunate."

verb phrase

  1. Baseball Informal. to hit the ball uncharacteristically into the opposite field, which for a right-handed batter means hitting the ball into right field and for a left-handed batter means hitting the ball into left field:

    The infield was expecting a shot between first and second, but the left-handed Lomak went oppo and drove one right through the hole near third base.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of oppo1

First recorded in 1990–95; by shortening

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Example Sentences

It’s like an orgy of oppo that they’re dropping on him and I have no idea if he’ll get over the hump.

From TIme

The new Oppo Find X3 Pro has a "microlens sensor with up to 60x zoom" that can take some interesting super-close-up shots.

Today, the ease of accessing data over the Internet is the big rock candy mountain of “oppo” research.

Crushed in the 2012 ground and data game, the GOP has learned its lesson—and is knee deep in Clinton oppo-research.

Forget the Democratic opposition: Fellow Republicans are sending oppo research on you to the media.

“You might call it message testing,” the executive director for the Republican oppo-research group America Rising told The Hill.

The Romney campaign draws attention to its own secret oppo-research audiotape.

It was answered from the ante room on the oppo-side and another page, similarly clad, joined the first.

There's noan so mony folk oppo this country side at likes to go deawn yon lone at after delit (daylight), aw con tell yo.'

It's young Venable's wo'k. It's his fl'st g'ate oppo'tunity.

Opposition he must write thus—'oppo'-site—position; ministerial, men-who-steer-well.