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[ op-er-too-niz-uhm, -tyoo- ]


  1. the policy or practice, as in politics, business, or one's personal affairs, of adapting actions, decisions, etc., to expediency or effectiveness regardless of the sacrifice of ethical principles.
  2. action or judgment in accordance with this policy.

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Other Words From

  • oppor·tunist noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of opportunism1

1865–70; < Italian opportunismo, equivalent to opportun ( o ) (< Latin opportūnus; opportune ) + -ismo -ism
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Example Sentences

Sadly, localized, dedicated expertise in planning and development control has become almost extinct in the face of commercial opportunism.

For some, SSPs’ resilience is explained by outward-looking opportunism in the most commoditized part of the ad tech market.

From Digiday

In 2020, they faced shrinking revenue streams, the need to master new channels and the delicate tightrope walk of projecting empathy rather than opportunism in the face of the coronavirus crisis and social unrest.

From Digiday

Given the public profile of the Proud Boys and the likelihood that whoever’s sending these emails has access to a voter file, this appears to be opportunism.

Past presidents have used the institution not for public good but political opportunism.

From Ozy

The press would blow the whistle on this naked opportunism, and the flip-flop police would beat him senseless.

Where Rand Paul led, other Republicans followed: some out of conviction, some out of opportunism, and some out of fear.

He will move upward in society through opportunism and submissiveness.

There have been some truly disgusting displays of opportunism out there.

So those seeking to turn their opportunism into actual political power should beware their own hubris.

It takes advantage of every incident, with a noble opportunism.

Its opportunism was instrumental—its idealism was home and family and individual betterment.

The Chamber thereupon voted the exile of the members of the families which Opportunism.

He was certainly a man of genius, and he used that genius to found a political school based on extreme self-seeking opportunism.

Their union with the Bolsheviki was from the first a compromise, based upon the political opportunism of both sides.