[op-er-toon, -tyoon]
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  1. appropriate, favorable, or suitable: an opportune phrase for the occasion.
  2. occurring or coming at an appropriate time; well-timed: an opportune warning.

Origin of opportune

1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin opportūnus convenient, equivalent to op- op- + portu-, stem of portus access, port1 + -nus adj. suffix (u lengthened as in tribūnus tribune1)
Related formsop·por·tune·ly, adverbop·por·tune·ness, nounun·op·por·tune, adjectiveun·op·por·tune·ly, adverbun·op·por·tune·ness, noun
Can be confusedopportune opportunistic

Synonyms for opportune

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1. apt; fortunate, propitious. 2. convenient. Opportune, seasonable, timely refer to something that is particularly fitting or suitable for a certain time. Opportune refers to something that is well-timed and meets exactly the demands of the time or occasion: an opportune remark. Something that is seasonable is right or proper for the time or season or occasion: seasonable weather. Something that is timely occurs or is done at an appropriate time, especially in time to meet some need: timely intervention.
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Historical Examples of opportune

  • It is not my fault, Bella, the opportune gentleman don't come!

    Clarissa, Volume 1 (of 9)

    Samuel Richardson

  • If it be a loan, Seor, I fear that the time is not opportune.

    Fair Margaret

    H. Rider Haggard

  • He was the mountain peddler, and to-day, at least, his visit was opportune.

    A Son of Hagar

    Sir Hall Caine

  • Hagthorpe announced at once that the proposal was opportune.

    Captain Blood

    Rafael Sabatini

  • For, whatever it may have been to others, to us your raid upon Barbados was most opportune.

    Captain Blood

    Rafael Sabatini

British Dictionary definitions for opportune


  1. occurring at a time that is suitable or advantageous
  2. fit or suitable for a particular purpose or occurrence
Derived Formsopportunely, adverbopportuneness, noun

Word Origin for opportune

C15: via Old French from Latin opportūnus, from ob- to + portus harbour (originally: coming to the harbour, obtaining timely protection)
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Word Origin and History for opportune

c.1400, from Old French opportun and directly from Latin opportunus "fit, convenient, suitable, favorable," from the phrase ob portum veniens "coming toward a port," in reference to the wind, from ob "to, toward" (see ob-) + portus "harbor" (see port (n.1)). Related: Opportunely.

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