[ awrl ]
/ ɔrl /


  1. a charge in the form of a narrow band following the form of the escutcheon within the edge, so that the extreme outer edge of the escutcheon is of the field tincture.
  2. an arrangement in orle of small charges: azure, an orle of bezants.
Armor. a thick roll of cloth or leather on a helmet forming a base for an ornamental crest.
Also called or·let [awr-ley] /ɔrˈleɪ/, orlo. Architecture.
  1. a border, as one formed by a fillet.
  2. a fillet at the upper end of the shaft of a column.Compare cincture(def 3).
  3. a fillet between two flutes of a column.

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Origin of orle

1565–75; < Middle French: border, edge < Vulgar Latin *ōrulus, diminutive of Latin ōra border

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/ (ɔːl) /


heraldry a border around a shield

Word Origin for orle

C16: from French, from ourler to hem

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