[awr-thoh-si-kahy-uh-tree, -sahy-]

Origin of orthopsychiatry

First recorded in 1920–25; ortho- + psychiatry
Related formsor·tho·psy·chi·at·ric [awr-thoh-sahy-kee-a-trik] /ˌɔr θoʊˌsaɪ kiˈæ trɪk/, or·tho·psy·chi·at·ri·cal, adjectiveor·tho·psy·chi·a·trist, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for orthopsychiatry


  1. the study and treatment of mental disorders with emphasis on prevention during childhood
Derived Formsorthopsychiatric (ˌɔːθəʊˌsaɪkɪˈætrɪk), adjectiveorthopsychiatrist, noun
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orthopsychiatry in Medicine


[ôr′thō-sĭ-kīə-trē, -sī-]
  1. The psychiatric study, treatment, and prevention of emotional and behavioral problems, especially of those that arise during early development.
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