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[ ou-tij ]


  1. an interruption or failure in the supply of power, especially electricity.
  2. the period during which power is lost:

    a two-hour outage on the East Coast.

  3. a stoppage in the functioning of a machine or mechanism due to a failure in the supply of power or electricity.
  4. the quantity of goods lost or lacking from a shipment. Compare innage ( def 1 ).
  5. Aeronautics. the amount of fuel used during a flight. Compare innage ( def 2 ).


/ ˈaʊtɪdʒ /


  1. a quantity of goods missing or lost after storage or shipment
  2. a period of power failure, machine stoppage, etc

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Word History and Origins

Origin of outage1

An Americanism dating back to 1900–05; out + -age

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Example Sentences

Only about 12 customers were affected by the gas outage, he said.

The tactic has been taken up with zeal—and to far greater success—by other repressive regimes since, says Doug Madory, director of Internet analysis at IT network observatory Kentik, who has been studying such outages for years.

From Fortune

Authorities have used the outages to reduce or prevent unrest — or to hide it from public view.

From Axios

If it’s solely WiFi connected, it won’t work during an outage.

Downdetector, which tracks reports of outages, showed widespread issues with Verizon, Google, Zoom, YouTube, Slack, Amazon Web Services and others Tuesday just before noon.

But the outage has raised the question of what that proportional response would look like, and whether it would be legal.

We know that a transformer fire often leads to a power outage.

See the funniest tweets about the outage from news junkies, pundits, Times reporters, and more.

The length of this outage is not yet determined, but we hope it will be at most until tomorrow morning.

A few beats later, Tunku articulated this widespread anxiety: “Did Chinese hackers trigger the outage?”


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