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[ out-burst ]


  1. a sudden and violent release or outpouring:

    an outburst of tears.

  2. a sudden spell of activity, energy, etc.
  3. a public disturbance; riot; outbreak.
  4. a bursting forth; eruption.


/ ˈaʊtˌbɜːst /


  1. a sudden and violent expression of emotion
  2. an explosion or eruption

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Word History and Origins

Origin of outburst1

First recorded in 1650–60; out- + burst

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Example Sentences

One important figure who has yet to weigh in on the deal is President Trump, whose outbursts gave rise to the drama over TikTok in the first place.

From Fortune

His 45-point elimination-avoiding outburst against the Boston Celtics in 2012 found him squarely in the Kobe-Jordan tradition, canning turnaround fadeaways and blowing past one-on-one defenders.

This is not the first such outburst from Sims, but while he might claim that other outbursts were directed at those who do not support our rights, this time it was aimed at an ally, someone who has consistently been in our corner.

The successful predictions suggest that researchers may have identified the physical process that underlies some of the largest outbursts.

Predictions of outbursts from the sun are typically based on the amount of activity observed on the sun’s roiling surface, without accounting for the specific processes behind the blasts.

And did you know it was going to happen because of War Machine's outburst at your birthday party back in 2009?

The extraordinary outburst was directed at Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a political pundit who moved to Britain from Uganda in 1972.

When television news crews showed up at his house to ask about the outburst, he said he “felt like a star.”

I ask if the ferocity of his violent outburst surprised him and he says yes, it did.

This close alliance is now straining after a rare outburst from the UAE.

Then—(with difficulty restraining another outburst of mirth)—how about "27 for oysters and Chablis" after the visit?

Thereupon the unhappy woman acted; the long suppressed outburst came at last.

Even her violent outburst of temper had not stilled the insistent voice which in reiteration never wearied.

As Mr. Mason finished the services and sat down, he was startled with an outburst of "Shall we meet beyond the river."

In a sudden outburst of jealous hate, Helene pushed the little Charles into the Bievre, where he was drowned.