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[ noun out-krahy; verb out-krahy ]


, plural out·cries.
  1. a strong and usually public expression of protest, indignation, or the like.
  2. a crying out.
  3. loud clamor.

    Synonyms: commotion, uproar

  4. an auction.

verb (used with object)

, out·cried, out·cry·ing.
  1. to outdo in crying; cry louder than.



  1. a widespread or vehement protest
  2. clamour; uproar
  3. commerce a method of trading in which dealers shout out bids and offers at a prearranged meeting

    sale by open outcry


  1. tr to cry louder or make more noise than (someone or something)
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Word History and Origins

Origin of outcry1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; out-, cry
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Example Sentences

But, amid outcries over disinformation, hate speech and concerns about biased decisions to kick people off social media platforms, Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike have proposed changing Section 230 over the past year.

From Digiday

His death was recorded by a bystander and quickly went viral, sparking national outcry.

In New York, legislators faced an outcry over the expansive scope of the liability protections and four months later scaled them back.

Nonetheless, a controversy that had begun a year previously with an outcry about the treatment of women had ended up focusing on whether progress on gender integration should be reversed.

After losing a lease for a vacant property in Ward 5 near the National Arboretum amid public outcry, Core purchased a structure in Ward 7, at 3701 Benning Road NE.

When cities started adding chlorine to their water supplies, in the early 1900s, it set off public outcry.

Lately, Richard Dawkins seems to scan the world for sore spots, take a good poke, and revel in the ensuing outcry.

There will be an international outcry, if, as reported, the black box is on its way to Moscow.

But sadly a panel featuring people who have spewed the worst anti-Muslim hate causes little outcry.

In Syria he made chemical weapons a “red line,” and then folded in the face of public outcry and congressional opposition.

Notwithstanding the unseemly hour, the people came running out at the outcry and clamor especially those from the nearest houses.

The outcry against his dismission was falling in thunder tones on the ear of the king.

True a wonderful outcry has been raised about the antagonism between the records of the rocks, and the records of the Bible.

Here was something which pointed directly to Indian handiwork, and Lowell in imagination could hear a great outcry going up.

Gilbert uttered an outcry in astonishment and quickly drew back, for this sleepy and yawning girl was Nicole.