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[out-jen-er-uh l]
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verb (used with object), out·gen·er·aled, out·gen·er·al·ing or (especially British) out·gen·er·alled, out·gen·er·al·ling.
  1. to outdo or surpass in generalship.
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Origin of outgeneral

First recorded in 1760–70; out- + general
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Related Words for outgeneral

deceive, outfox, outmaneuver, baffle, outdo, circumvent, bamboozle, cheat, gull, confuse, hoax, have, defraud, trick, bewilder, outsmart, top, finagle, beat, overreach

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Historical Examples of outgeneral

  • There were many signs, and I had to be always on the lookout to outgeneral them.

    Death Valley in '49

    William Lewis Manly

  • Though Boxer was a bit weak on defense, they played a snappy game, and seemed to be able to outgeneral their opponents.

    A Quarter-Back's Pluck

    Lester Chadwick

  • I, in common with others, was much annoyed by their cattle, but desiring peace I studied how to outgeneral these cattle.

  • To outgeneral Lee, Grant well knew required a greater master of the art of war than himself.

  • In any game from stud-poker to marketing mining stock Mr. Wingfield can outwit, outmaneuver and outgeneral a hundred like "Larry."

British Dictionary definitions for outgeneral


verb -als, -alling or -alled or US -als, -aling or -aled
  1. (tr) to surpass in generalship
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