[ out-goh ]
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noun,plural out·goes.
  1. the act or process of going out: Her illness occasioned a tremendous outgo of affectionate concern.

  2. money paid out; expenditure: a record of income and outgo.

  1. something that goes out; outflow: The outgo of electrical energy had to be increased.

verb (used with object),out·went, out·gone, out·go·ing.
  1. to go beyond; outdistance: to outgo the minimum rquirements.

  2. to surpass, excel, or outdo: Each child was encouraged to outgo the others.

  1. Archaic. to go faster than; excel in speed.

Origin of outgo

First recorded in 1520–30; out- + go1

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verb(ˌaʊtˈɡəʊ) -goes, -going, -went or -gone
  1. (tr) to exceed or outstrip

  1. cost; outgoings; outlay

  2. something that goes out; outflow

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