[ out-law-ree ]


, plural out·law·ries.
  1. the act or process of outlawing.
  2. the state of being outlawed.
  3. disregard or defiance of the law:

    a man whose outlawry had made him a folk hero.

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Other Words From

  • non·outlawry noun plural nonoutlawries

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Word History and Origins

Origin of outlawry1

1350–1400; Middle English outlauerie < Anglo-French utlagerie, Medieval Latin utlagāria < Middle English outlage outlaw + Anglo-French -erie -ry, Medieval Latin -āria -ary

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Example Sentences

So that even the sentence of outlawry against the Christians did not affect the bodies of the dead.

He knew that this act would expose himself to outlawry and his family to ruin.

He was in a new world, and had not become wonted to it—the world of conscious crime—the world of outlawry.

Meanwhile there were moments when this sense of present outlawry brought with it a fierce and splendid joy.

When Thorir heard of it he was furious, and said that never should Grettir either go or come out of his outlawry.


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