[out-let, -lit]
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  1. an opening or passage by which anything is let out; vent; exit.
  2. Electricity.
    1. a point on a wiring system at which current is taken to supply electric devices.
    2. Also called outlet box.the metal box or receptacle designed to facilitate connections to a wiring system.
  3. a means of expression or satisfaction: an outlet for one's artistic impulses.
  4. a market for goods.
  5. a store, merchant, or agency selling the goods of a particular wholesaler or manufacturer.
  6. a local radio or television station that broadcasts the programs of a large network.
  7. a river or stream flowing from a body of water, as a lake or pond.
  8. the channel such a river or stream follows.
  9. the lower end or mouth of a river where it meets a large body of water, as a lake or the sea.

Origin of outlet

First recorded in 1200–50, outlet is from the Middle English word utlete. See out, let1
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  1. an opening or vent permitting escape or release
  2. a means for release or expression of emotion, creative energy, etc
    1. a market for a product or service
    2. a commercial establishment retailing the goods of a particular producer or wholesaler
    1. a channel that drains a body of water
    2. the mouth of a river
  3. a point in a wiring system from which current can be taken to supply electrical devices
  4. anatomy the beginning or end of a passage, esp the lower opening of the pelvis (pelvic outlet)
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Word Origin and History for outlet

mid-13c., "a river mouth," from out + let (v.). Electrical wiring sense is attested from 1892. Meaning "a retail store" is attested from 1933. Figurative sense "means of relief or discharge" is from 1620s.

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