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[ out-nuhm-ber ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to exceed in number. number.


/ ˌaʊtˈnʌmbə /


  1. tr to exceed in number
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Word History and Origins

Origin of outnumber1

First recorded in 1660–70; out- + number
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Example Sentences

Its cases — more than 71,400 since the crisis began — outnumber those in other Maryland counties.

Online hate posts outnumbered counter-speech in all four years.

For the first time since its introduction to the world, Covid-19 vaccinations outnumber total confirmed cases worldwide.

From Quartz

Astronomers have long wondered how many galaxies there are in the universe, but until Hubble, the galaxies we could observe were far outnumbered by fainter galaxies hidden by distance and time.

That camp easily outnumbered the group of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach.

There are few paved roads, and at the airport, soldiers outnumber travelers.

They outnumber and may even outweigh all other forms of life.

Those are fighting words in a nearly half-Latino city where Tex-Mex restaurants outnumber all others.

So, Grey Worm arms the slaves of Meereen, who outnumber the citizens three-to-one.

Small red stars vastly outnumber their larger cousins, and the new exoplanet is orbiting one of those.

Although fishermen outnumber foresters at the present time, the number of fishermen has been decreasing.

I hear the guns opening as I write, and wonder if our friends, who greatly outnumber us, will rush us to-night or not.

It is a high reward, since men outnumber women on Omega by six to one.

Within a century, we will outnumber them—we will be the Normals, not they.

Meanwhile they increase and multiply till it seems that ere long they will outnumber their lords.


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