[ out-rahy-der ]
/ ˈaʊtˌraɪ dər /


a mounted attendant riding before or beside a carriage.
(at a racetrack) a mounted rider who accompanies or leads a racehorse to the post.
a person who goes in advance of an automobile or person to clear a passage.
a person who leads the way or is a member of a vanguard; forerunner.
a person who rides out or forth, especially a scout, cowhand, ranch hand, or the like.

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Origin of outrider

1300–50; Middle English: official in a monastery; see out-, rider

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/ (ˈaʊtˌraɪdə) /


a person who goes ahead of a car, group of people, etc, to ensure a clear passage
a person who goes in advance to investigate, discover a way, etc; scout
a person who rides in front of or beside a carriage, esp as an attendant or guard
US a mounted herdsman
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Word Origin and History for outrider



mid-14c., from out (adv.) + rider.

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