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[ out-shahyn ]

verb (used with object)

, out·shone or out·shined, out·shin·ing.
  1. to surpass in shining; shine more brightly than.
  2. to surpass in splendor, ability, achievement, excellence, etc.:

    a product that outshone all competitors; to outshine one's classmates.

verb (used without object)

, out·shone or out·shined, out·shin·ing.
  1. to shine out or forth:

    a small light outshining in the darkness.


/ ˌaʊtˈʃaɪn /


  1. tr to shine more brightly than
  2. tr to surpass in excellence, beauty, wit, etc
  3. rare.
    intr to emit light

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Word History and Origins

Origin of outshine1

First recorded in 1590–1600; out- + shine 1
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Example Sentences

This is where a console game like Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 far outshines simpler, less feature-rich mobile games.

While undeveloped forest is clearly best for biodiversity, shade-grown plantations can outshine other land uses.

On September 29, police from five countries—the US, the UK, Ukraine, Russia, and the Netherlands—would simultaneously arrest dozens of suspects in an operation that promised to outshine all cybercrime investigations before it.

Garcia could follow the trajectory of Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren, two other accomplished women full of plans and policies who were nonetheless outshone by more politically palatable men when they ran for the top job.

From Time

Because of its first-party data, and because of the high demand for user purchase data, it is poised to outshine its competitors in the ad world in the coming years.

From Digiday

While some parodies end up major flops, the ones that get it right can sometimes outshine their mainstream rivals.

Some followers have even hinted that “good divorces” outshine mediocre marriages.

Consequently, I opined that it would be no difficult achievement to outshine all my schoolfellows.

In the full blaze of day came a meteor that swept to the earth in an arc of fire to outshine the sun.

Women might in many departments of labour be equal to, or outshine men, but they will not take the trouble.

In grace and manly beauty, in his qualities of heart and intellect, contemporaries held him to outshine Trajan.

He was doubtless trying to outshine him, and for that reason he even got his clothes from the same tailor in Nice.


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