[verb out-span; noun out-span]South African English

verb (used with object), out·spanned, out·span·ning.

to unyoke or unhitch, as oxen from a wagon.

verb (used without object), out·spanned, out·span·ning.

to remove the yoke, harness, etc., from animals.


the act or a place of outspanning.

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Origin of outspan

1815–25; translation of Afrikaans uitspan; see out-, span2

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noun (ˈaʊtˌspæn)

an area on a farm kept available for travellers to rest and refresh animals
the act of unharnessing or unyoking

verb (ˌaʊtˈspæn) -spans, -spanning or -spanned

(tr) to unharness or unyoke (animals)
(intr) to relax

Word Origin for outspan

C19: partial translation of Afrikaans uitspan, from uit out + spannen to stretch

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