[ out-spent ]


  1. worn-out; exhausted.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of outspent1

First recorded in 1645–55; out- + spent

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Example Sentences

She made it through the primary, and was outspent 3-to-1 in the general.

Gómez lost her congressional race big, while being outspent heavily by Sara Jacobs.

So don’t stop believin’ if your candidate of choice is outspent.

Heavily outspent, Montgomery Steppe won anyway, and it wasn’t close.

As of July 29, Spano had outspent Franklin, $824,000 to $483,000, and the incumbent’s allies at the anti-tax Club for Growth also invested more than $270,000.

Peter Shumlin has been doing a lousy job and voters turned against him, even though he outspent his opponent five to one.

The result was that the colorful incumbent was vastly outspent and lost by more than 30 points.

Brat was dramatically outraised and outspent by the House majority leader.

He also heavily outspent Bevin and went ferociously negative.

Unable to raise significant money from the Republican establishment, Cuccinelli was outspent more than ten-to-one.

Until at last, outspent with energy, he draws a deep breath of exhaustion, and realizes that he is weariness itself.

Thirty feet above the water his strength was almost outspent, but he struggled to raise himself one more time, and then another.

The sheriff and his nine men sank down on the grassy slope, gasping, outspent.